Positive People was born on a night when I realized I needed to change my circle of friends.

Here is how it happened:

The people I grew up around drained me, had bad vibes, and I found myself in negative situations I didn’t want to be associated with. I decided to let ALL OF THEM GO.
Shortly after, my mentor introduced me to a few people and helped me find a new home base. It was in a neighborhood of mature householders.

One night I was having personal life challenges and needed someone to call. The few people I had in my corner were unavailable.
That’s when I realized I needed more positive people in my life.
I knew people were not going to pop up in my life, so I went to a popular nightclub the next day.

I stepped outside of my comfort zone and sought to talk to anybody who would lend an ear. Interestingly enough, every person I spoke to had the same challenge of not having enough positive people in their life. I heard the phrase, “I wish I knew more positive people” at least ten times.
After hearing this repeatedly, I realized there are so many positive people in the world. WE JUST DON’T NOTICE EACH OTHER.

They are seemingly non-existent because we are not AWARE of the fact they are around us!

Can you recall when you bought something new and began to notice it everywhere afterward? AWARENESS activates the Law Of Attraction.

I realized this knowledge could change my life and the people in it. I was inspired to make stickers to see if I could A-spread positivity and B- attract more friends.

My friend Steven joined me for an experiment to walk the streets wearing stickers.
EVERY corner we turned and store we walked in, people became enthusiastically attracted to us.
They mentioned they were positive, wanted a sticker, and initiated becoming friends with us.

At that moment, I knew wearing Positive People could be used to create a positive network of friends.

Many years later, and with hundreds of AMAZING friends, I feel my life has a deeper purpose with immense support.

Wearing a shirt can attract positive people, positive experiences and remind you of the value of connection and community.
I look forward to hearing about your Positive People experience!